Interest rates range from 7.99% p.a. to 28.9% p.a. The rate charged will depend on your financial circumstances taking into account:
  • how much you want to borrow
  • the term of your loan
  • the amount of deposit
  • how old the vehicle is
  • your income
  • your other financial commitments
  • your credit history
To understand the rate that will apply to you please call 03 5469351
Terms and conditions and fees vary between our lenders, loan establishment fees (often referred to as booking or documentation fee) range from $375-$510, there will be a PPSR fee of $10-$13 and some lenders also have a monthly account fee of up to $10 per month. Below are links to our lenders with their general terms and conditions and fee schedules, you should click through to look at the full schedule of fees including default fees.
Responsible lending code
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If you have any question you should not hesitate to contact us on 03 5469351.